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No Apps needed, Play AR in a Mobile with Camera & Browser

Get swept into a magical world with the smartphone in your hand.


Prepare yourself for a virtual experience reserved only for a privileged few... accept its invitation...open the portal of fantasy that you have always dreamed of...

Taking you deeper into the magic of Hogwarts, the WebAR enhances your discriminating experience...your commitment to excellence...in a fascinating virtual world surrounded by avatars and objects.

Let's take charge of it... lead the immersive journey, explore the augmented world, and capture your own image with the AR magic.


Do you feel it? The world of Matrix beckons you to free them, as adrenaline courses through your veins.

New Eye Tracking WebAR

The Eye Tracking AR is out now and it is fun!

AI driven eye tracking AR is ideal for virtual eyeware try-on.

No more video or selfie upload to try eyewear or sunglasses online. The next gen virtual eyewear experience is here.

Create eye tracking AR campaign using our no-code platform.


Craig Caton-Largent

Animator & VFX artist, Hollywood

"It's absolutely amazing what Marvin XR can do! This is simply some of the best AR I've seen. Their imagery looks incredible and is very clean and slick. I'm looking forward to working with them more.

- Craig Caton

Craig Caton-Portfolio.PNG

Do you know the Benefits of using WebAR?

WebAR campaigns get up to 85x more user engagement

This leads to a 10x conversion rate from digital & print campaigns

Increase product sales up to 300% within weeks

Turns your loyal customers into fans for life

You benefit by saving serious money on AR app development

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Marvin XR Creator Studio
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Why Do You Need WebAR Campaigns?

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It's tough to stand out in creative ads and marketing world 


Especially only with copywriting skills 


You need fast, easy and more creative way to get success 


You need WebAR campaigns to engage your customers.

These Three Types of WebAR Create Campaigns to Kill For

What Marvin XR Offers

Each WebAR campaign we launch for our clients is developed as a state-of-the-art project.

With our true art sense, we help in making custom 3D models which look like they are curved from reality.



We are so much focused on your data security that our cloud solution stands as the best secure WebAR SaaS in the marketplace - compliant with GDPR.

Moreover, we take pride in our support system which means when you need our help, it's insane fast to solve your problems and get your success going. We focus and solve only one problem - to make your contents stand out in the crowd, make them viral and increase your conversion rate constantly.


We put our best knowledge in Marvin XR service. So that you can rely on our service and strategy for your guaranteed business success.


If you're not satisfied with the success, get your 100% money back - a lifetime guarantee

Brands Who Trusted the Magic of Marvin XR

Do you want to know the secret of a viral Marketing Campaign

So you are busy creating the best marketing campaign of your life, admiring the authentic creativity that will fire the customers' inner desire to make a purchase of your product.


Beautifully crafted ad concept and design is ready to mesmerize your customers to become the lifelong fan of your brand.

But what if, in a fast moving world, such campaign does not create desired impact, or worse, gets unnoticed?


Your target audience just missed to spot it within the crowd of countless campaigns, swarming across his digital feed. 

You need a hyper-personalized marketing campaign that can engage your audience like never before. Upto 85x user engagement can turn your campaign the talk of the town overnight while making your brand an overnight success.

P.S. -Don't try out our WebAR ads and marketing campaigns if you are not ready for the guarenteed success.

 Ads & Marketing


Do you want to DOUBLE, even TRIPLE your ecommerce sales

Would you rather browse another 2D sofa image on the internet, or prefer to experience the view of a luxury sofa, custom built with rich leather, inheriting a design from Victorian style, a delicate piece from timeless Louis XV Settee, placed inside your home admired by the interior designers for its unique look in 3D?

You can now place the 3D sofa in your living room using your smartphone, so you can feel the ambience even before buying it. Isn't that amazing?

Have you ever had so much fun buying a sofa from home?

Book Publication

Do you know the strategy about how to publish a bestseller book

What if, instead of reading several pages of a book preface, you scanned a QR code, opened a URL and focused towards a book cover and the characters appeared in real life and start telling you a captivating and exciting tale. 

You don't stop there. You start enjoying a vivid audio-visual show
that probably the author only envisioned while writing the book. 

A surreal world has just unfolded before your eyes. The desire to read a book has never been so strong in you since you were a child.

What just happened here? Oh..it's the magic of 3D AR experience.

Business Card

Do you want to know why people will value your business card like Gold

Do you know that over 27 Million business cards are produced every day, and of those about 90% are tossed within the first week.

This means that getting a potential prospect's attention with your business card won't be easy, and if you don't want your hopes for closing new business tossed in the waste basket, you'll need to bring your ‘A’ game.

Breaking away from the norm and surprising your prospects with a fresh perspective on the venerable business card can greatly increase your chances of building a business relationship.

User WebAR to create the best business card your prospects have ever seen. They will love to keep it as a souvenir to show the magic to everyone while you build a lifetime business relationship with your clients.

Art & Museum

Do you want what can make a museum a great place of interest to visit

A museum is a wonderful place to get recharged and inspired. 


One can find peace and tranquility by contemplating those beautiful works of art and reflecting on his own life.


Being an art curator, what is your vision to bring more immersiveness to such experience where visitors feel the ecstasy of the artwork no matter where they are? How to engage art-lovers more into artwork or paintings than usual and make the museum a place of real interest, not only within the town but across the country?


WebAR can open a gateway of wonders where viewers can be amazed with an overwhelming experience they have never seen before.


Art and culture, from hundreds and thousands of years, can come alive and create staggering impact on the viewers' minds for the lifetime.

How Much Do You Know Your Customers

Sometimes launching a campaign is not enough

With each AR campaign, we offer automatic QR code creation,
metrics & KPIs, 3D asset, content management and may more. 

A complete package to entertain, engage and convert audience.


Develop Once. Deploy Everywhere.

Marvin XR's unique Metaversal Deployment automatically makes your Web AR content available across smartphones, computers and AR and VR headsets.

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Marvin XR WebAR Campaigns Work on

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“The real mission for commercial AR is integrating the technology so that it enhances the customer experience - makes it easier, more fun, and more convenient.”

   - Harvard Business Review

Create, Collaborate and Publish — All in One Place

Marvin XR's Cloud Editor is the best way to develop WebAR content


Create WebAR in 2 minutes


Fully Featured Code Editor


Ready to go WebAR Template


Performance Overview


Unlimited Seats


Built-in Hosting

We provide customized 3D models, perfectly crafted for your business need

See Where Can You Use WebAR Campaigns


Enable your customers to purchase unique 3D NFTs right from your ecommerce site.

Enter the Metaverse with product NFTs


Our overall experience using Marvin XR was fantastic. We are very satisfied with the delivery of the product - it was on time, done with quality and when we had questions or concerns, Marvin XR resolved them quickly.

We changed our vision early on and Marvin XR was willing to adjust to our needs and helped us achieve our goal in a new direction and our expectations were fulfilled. Marvin XR was very proactive while working on our project, they kept us up-to-date on the progress and most importantly, they listened to our feedback.

Our overall satisfaction level is 10/10. We can’t wait to see what else they have in store!

Mariah Kaak
Assistant Curator, Buxton National Historic Site and Museum
North Buxton, Ontario, Canada


Dr. Kumar Ramasamy, PhD

Professor of CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College

When I explored for WebAR, I found Marvin XR. Tried their WebAR features, created a "WoW' experience in just 3 steps using their platform. It's really a game changing for my needs, especially for learning contents for kids with special needs that we create now.

Web Augmented Reality (WebAR) is the best way to go ahead with interactive learning contents and Marvin XR is the place.


​Dr. Aizat Hawari, PhD

CEO & Founder at Praxis Sdn. Bhd.

WebAR is not something I was familiar with to begin with, until I found Marvin XR.

It's really a game changing for my business, especially I run websites (e-commerce with online art gallery website) that can really benefit from it.
Augmented Reality (AR) is the futuristic way moving forward and it will be a big thing in the next couple of years for various industries.


Dr. Shailey Singh,

Management Faculty, Digital Marketing Consultant

I was exploring WebAR when I came across Marvin XR and simply loved how they made it look so simple, easy and yet appealing.
Marvin XR holds great potential in WebAR product marketing across industries. They are already one of my favorites and I love how they are pioneering and revolutionizing AR usability.


Sacha Romano

Digital Marketing Manager at Wifid.mc

Marvin XR is very attentive when it comes to support for creating WEB AR campaigns.
I got help and answers very quickly for each technical question.

Recently there has been image recognition and it is really "a must have" feature. It's been 2 month I use it and I look forward to enjoying new features again, they go faster and are really helpful.

Graeme van Rensburg.jpg

Graeme van Rensburg

3D Artist & Filmmaker

Marvin XR has great potential in these emerging markets, it was easy and fun to use and has many use cases that could benefit a lot of users. Great App.

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