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Let customers personalize and see 3D products in
their spaces using just their phone

3D product visualization and customization onscreen and in
augmented reality (AR) for ecommerce business

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Why choose Marvin XR?

Marvin XR is a leader in 3D product visualization, dedicated to seamlessly bridging the gap between physical and digital customer experiences. Empowering businesses with cutting-edge 3D visualization to drive growth with tangible results.




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Starting your AR journey has
never been easier

3D model of a sofa

Showcasing every product
variant is a constant battle

Manufacturers require many samples, expensive photoshoots and hours of photo editing to display every product option and configuration in their range.

3D modeling based on 4-6 product images can solve the age old problem with low-cost 3D photoshoot.

Increase conversion rates
soaring by 50% with 3D

Create a more convenient and engaging shopping experience with interactive product displays, such as 3D viewers, 360 product spins, and view-in-room functionality.

Users convert faster when they can interact with your products in real-time, in their own space, and on any device.

virtual try-on for furniture ecommerce platform
3D rendering of a sofa

Save up to 4x with 3D
Virtual Photography

No more expensive furniture photoshoots or complex logistics. Use your 3D campaigns and generate compelling product content without ever needing to step into a studio.

Get ultra high professional quality 3D rendering a.k.a virtual photoshoot images for marketing with customized real or imaginary background.

Reduce returns by helping shoppers avoid bad purchase

Give customers greater confidence about the size, look, and quality of your products by leveraging augmented shopping solutions.‍

Bonus: turn your website into a 24/7 sales rep. Empower shoppers to find product-related answers on their own – and speed up buying decisions.

QR scan to launch web based augmented reality

Create, deploy and track 3D and AR product experiences in one place

Generate immersive commerce experiences in under 30 seconds. No apps, no code.
Marvin XR admin portal for managing WebAR portfolio

Try an AR experience now!

View the product quality in 360 degrees
Bring products to lif with 3D and AR
Ensure product fits space with dimension

How it works

Step 1

Upload your 3D file

GLB file type preferred, but we can help if you’ve got something else.
Step 2

Customize it

Choose different colors and background images.
Step 3

Grab a tiny snippet of code

Just a simple iFrame.
Step 4

Drop it into all your channels

Website, social media, ads, etc

Compatible with all platforms

Just drop a piece of web responsive code





















...and all popular hardware devices

Mobiles, tablets, desktops and headsets
Shareable format

Instantly stand out in your social media channels