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Tuborg Squash AR hunt

Easter Hunt - Tuborg Squash 

We did everything for the campaign from scratch, landing page design, building animated 3d asset, designing QR code for bottle cap print and associated stuffs. Turborg Squash wanted this campaign solely to be discovered as “Easter Egg Hunt” from store purchase. So they did not run any promotional campaigns as such.


The campaign was very popular among the customers, the KPI shows that, more than 10K people got engaged in the campaign (within 3 weeks). Total user engagement rate was 44.3% and total WebAR open rate was 63.6%. It was a lucky draw campaign and lasted for few weeks, otherwise it was expected that the response rate would have increased more.

Tuborg always opted for traditional advertising like TV commercials, Print, YouTube and Facebook ads. But this time they wanted something different for Tuborg Squash. They wanted a WebAR campaign to be launched nation wide (across Denmark) in 2022.

The team of Marvin XR took the charge partnering with Wibroe, Duckert & Partners (WDP). It was a promotional Easter Lucky Winner Hunt campaign for Tuborg Squash, in which upon scanning a QR code, an orange tree appears and grows, followed by a squash bottle bursting out of an orange, indicating whether you are a Lucky Draw winner. We made a customized QR code for that and the code was put under the bottle cap.

AR Campaign - Danish Prime Minister Candidate

Founded in 1908, Venstres Ungdom is the youth wing of the Danish Liberal Party Venstre.
VU was running political campaigns for PM candidate Jakob Elleman-Jensen for this year’s Danish Parliament election (Folketingsvalg 2022).

Marvin XR launched an animated 3D WebAR election campaign for Jakob's election campaign. 10,000+ business cards were printed and distributed all across Denmark with the WebAR experience embedded as QR on top. Many people visited the AR experience.


VU was very happy with the campaign strategy and execution since perhaps this is the first political election WebAR campaign ever used in any major parliamentary election campaign for Prime Minister candidate across the world.

Buxton Museum AR experience

Buxton National Museum AR Experience

Now when you visit their museum and stand in front of the photo of Papa Prince’s Pleasure Parlor, you can scan the customized QR code made by us from your phone and the 3D model of the photo will pop out, allowing you to relive the history.

Buxton National Historic Museum

The Buxton National Historic Site and Museum is a tribute to the Elgin Settlement, established in 1849. It is located in Ontario, Canada.


They wanted to create an amazing historical experience of the national history for their visitors who want to relive the past.

So, they provided us with a photograph of the house from where their history started. We made a 3D model of the photograph and using our platform we created AR history.

Prostrate Cancer Treatment Awareness Campaign

The Bloc is a New York based healthcare marketing agency who wanted to create a launch a Prostrate Cancer Awareness campaign for doctors (2022), a campaign initiated by Pfizer in USA.

Marvin XR created an animated 3D experience in WebAR which showed the prostrate cancer spread pattern within a human body and a pledge for doctors on how to treat them in a right way to cure the patients from fatal endings.


The Bloc was very happy since it was their first 3D WebAR campaign. This campaign was showcased to Pfizer and distributed across USA to the association of Oncologists.

Friis Shopping Mall, Denmark

Friis Shopping Center is a big shopping center in Aalborg, Denmark. They run various campaigns throughout the year. This year they wanted a campaign with both physical and virtual appearance.

Marvin XR worked with Det Nye Sort, the creative agency behind this campaign. We delivered a WebAR experience with a virtual room where people can walk around and take pictures – both in real and virtual world.


The campaign was quite a big success in Aalborg, Denmark with many people ended up interacting with it.

Physical Room
Virtual Room
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