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Sell 2x with 3D Web
Augmented Reality

The leading
augmented reality
software without an
app. Made in Denmark.

Trusted by Global Brands & Leading Startups

Increase User Engagement over 180 sec.

Increase Conversion Rate by 20%

Decrease Product Return by 25%

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Build Legendary Customer Experience

Get your money back

3 simple steps is all it takes!
Upload 3D model with one-click

Upload 3D Model

3D view in ecommerce website

Show off your products

Virtual try-on directly from website - no apps needed

Track AR Views

We have taken AR campaign creation from “craft-production” to “mass-production.”

Get End to End 3D Ecommerce Solution From Marvin

Unlock the Power of Web Augmented Reality for Your Ecommerce Success.
The Go-To-Online Store for Online Furniture Marketing.

Why Marvin XR

Scale 3D Ecommerce

State of the art solution to create AR within minutes. The no-code platform makes it easier to mass creation of AR campaigns.

Custom AR Development 

We have experienced developers with years of experience with nmany end to end AR project development cases in hand.

Enterprise Grade Security 

From dedicated SSL certificate, AR engine to user data security - Marvin XR has been built on security first principle.

2D & 3D Artists

Our team consists of experts from web development to 3D asset creation. We can deliver mass volume of 3D assets swiftly.

3D ecommerce is a sales booster

3D Visualization and WebAR benefits

  • Realistic 360° product visualization

  • Increase brand trust factor

  • Increase brand recognition

  • Increase ROI on ad spend

  • Get better customer insight

Increase in

Increase in avg.
cart value

Increase in 
qualified pipeline

3D Product Configurator

Where can Businesses use
our Products and Services?

3D modelling


We specialize in 3D furniture ecommerce


Maximize user engagement with web based AR


Works as 24/7 sales and marketing agent

Sales & Marketing

Make education favorite to children


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Engage Your Audience

With a Variety of AR Experiences

Build your perfect campaign with the right Augmented Reality Features and Tech.

Choose from a variety of AR styles and interact with your customers in a new way, everyday!

Image Targeting AR

Location Based AR

Eye Tracking AR

World Tracking 

Marker Tracking AR

Best compliment to Marvin XR

It's absolutely amazing what Marvin XR can do!

This is simply some of the best AR I've seen.

Their imagery looks incredible and is very clean and slick.

I'm looking forward to working with them more.

Craig Caton-Largent

Animator & VFX artist, Hollywood

Craig has contributed to over 100 films, worked as animatronic puppeteer on movies such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2, Tremors, Batman Returns, Ghostbusters and Return of the Living Dead.

Craig Craton Largent

Clients Love Working with Marvin XR

Bruce Mastrachhio

Bruce Mastracchio

VP, Associate Creative Director,

Art The Bloc

We're so happy with Marvin XR, thanks! It looks like you have allowed for most of the changes we discussed, and we

realize given our timeframe, having all of the changes could be challenging.

Malia Baker

Malia Baker

Mariah Kaak

Mariah Kaak

 Creative Director, Art The Bloc

Assistant Curator, Buxton National Historic Site and Museum,  Canada 

Thank you so much for this outlined plan and working with us on these details as well as our timing.

So much appreciated!

Our overall experience using Marvin XR was fantastic. We are very satisfied with the delivery of the product - it was on time, done with quality and when we had questions or concerns, Marvin XR resolved them quickly.

Kwan Harsono

Kwan Harsono

Founder & CEO @BedrockAsia

A Promising Start Augmented Reality Platform.

For a brand and marketing agency like us that investigates innovations and collaborations in AR and VR Technology, Marvin XR is an easy-to-use AR platform. In today's competitive market, this strategy is essential.

It's promising and off to a wonderful beginning

Raymond Mongey
Myron Adinig

Myron Adinig

Founder of GLUE, Ireland

3D Visual Artist @MadUrgency

I've been using AR since it was first out many many years ago.  Then in comes MarvinXR, for the majority of client projects we'll be looking at coming down the line, MarvinXR should be able to handle the lot of them. This is an investment. 
One thing that we didn't have when making custom coded AR projects was the analytics, this is fantastic and gives you numbers, locations and devices etc which your project has been viewed. This is super helpful.

Nice product and enjoying the process of learning how to implement it in my workflow. Looking forward to working with this company and team in developing new and innovative solutions for my projects. Very responsive team

Dr. Kumar Ramasamy

Dr Kumar Ramasamy, Phd

Professor of CSE, Muthayammal Engineering College

When I explored for WebAR, I found Marvin XR. Tried their WebAR features, created a "WoW' experience in just 3 steps using their platform. It's really a game changing for my needs, especially for learning contents for kids with special needs that we create now.

WebAR is the best way to go ahead with interactive learning contents and Marvin XR is the place.

Dr. Aizat Hawari
Dr. Shailey Singh

​Dr. Aizat Hawari, PhD

Dr. Shailey Singh, PhD

Management Faculty,

Digital Marketing Consultant

WebAR is not something I was familiar with to begin with, until I found Marvin XR.

It's really a game changing for my business, especially I run websites (e-commerce with online art gallery website) that can really benefit from it.
Augmented Reality (AR) is the futuristic way moving forward and it will be a big thing in the next couple of years for various industries.

I was exploring WebAR when I came across Marvin XR and simply loved how they made it look so simple, easy and yet appealing.
Marvin XR holds great potential in WebAR product marketing across industries.

They are already one of my favorites and I love how they are pioneering and revolutionizing AR usability.

Sacha Romano
Graeme van Rensburg
Justin Moore

Sacha Romano

Digital Marketing Manager at

Graeme van Rensburg

3D Artist & Filmmaker

US Army Lead Technician

Marvin XR is very attentive when it comes to support for creating WEB AR campaigns.
I got help and answers very quickly for each technical question.

Recently there has been image recognition and it is really "a must have" feature. It's been 2 month I use it and I look forward to enjoying new features again, they go faster and are really helpful.

Marvin XR has great potential in these emerging markets, it was easy and fun to use and has many use cases that could benefit a lot of users. Great App.

Marvin XR is one of the best AR systems money can buy. The owner is always improving the system and the current system is already awesome. I enjoy how I can ask the owner questions and he helps me and my team each step of the way.


Frederik 賴弘翌

Researcher on AR/VR

I have been an AR enthusiast for years and have played around with some custom AR experiences before. However, custom coding can be costly and inflexible. That's why I was thrilled to discover this tool, which can handle most client projects easily and quickly.

The company also provides great examples of what the product can do. Side fact: The founder is very nice and has a lot of experience and helped me out a lot with my questions!

Overall, Marvin XR is a great investment for anyone looking to create impressive AR projects for their clients.

Sahil Dhingra


Cut-On Solutions Owner

I used an AR service 12 years ago for a leaflet. Since then I have used several platforms but wouldn't dare to invest in one because there were app dependent.

When MARVIN XR came along I thought that this was too good to be true. And yes, it is true. Device-independent through a browser. I subscribed without hesitation although I am not an expert.
So far, MARVIN XR support is amazing even on weekends. The interface is friendly and I feel very secure that I will integrate this technology into our book publications. It will also give our company the opportunity to sail into future technologies and experiences.

Business Owner

Marvin XR is an amazing app! In simple words, it is the canva for the AR world. You don't have to worry about coding.
Marvin XR is a no-code AR creation toolkit for everyone in every sector. I am amazed to see how quickly and easily one can create immersive 3D AR experiences with the Marvin XR within a few minutes.
As a digital marketer, I am excited to see the possibilities now that Marvin XR has opened up for me. I can now finally dive into highly engaging social media campaigns. If you are a digital marketer and you are reading this review, I can assure you that Marvin XR is a no-brainer.

virtual earth.jpg

Virtual Earth Resident

Founder of

Exactly the Tech & Platform I Craved!

I'm a tech geek and a digital artist and realized once I actually entered the platform, that I had all the skills to rock at what I wanted to do - to enable display of some of my products in augmented reality. So I spent a couple of days creating the 3D models and followed every word of the content in every tutorial available. Honestly, the info is all there to maximize results. I think it's the amount of tech required to do so that may give folks a little hesitancy. Even if you're not into modeling, they do have a team to help with that.

Screenshot 2024-01-11 202432.jpg


Buyer of Marvin XR

Verified Purchaser

WOW :)

No waisting time for long reviews....:)

Inreddible tool.

Thank you.

Levelling up your business with experiential marketing. Marvin XR is a must-have!

What I love about Marvin XR is the continuous improvements since the time they launched the platform which really shows a forward-thinking company, wanting to be on top of the game and benefitting us, users, in the process.

I've always thought that AR is complicated and very expensive. Marvin XR changed that. It's an absolute steal! The UI is intuitive, so easy to navigate which saves you a lot of time towards implementing your projects.

Gianni Pisanu.jpg

Gianni Pisanu

Ecomm director of
Sun of Japan, Denmark

We wish all the best for the future!

Collaborating with Marvin XD was overall a great experience. The implementation of our glasses in 3D was made with precision and care.


The online app integration set up is easy to use and works smoothly with any browser and on mobile. We recommend Marvin XD for a high chance to create a huge impact on the organic engagement and revenue. 


Omar rahim

Furniture store owner, Egypt

Great Platform

As an agency that creates 3D and AR for businesses, we are very impressed by Marvinxr's webAR service. They are professional, passionate, and innovative in delivering high-quality 3D and AR solutions for our clients.


Their platform is easy to use, secure, and scalable. They have helped us improve our efficiency and creativity. We highly recommend Marvinxr to anyone who wants to leverage webAR for their business.


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Get 3D models built by us


AR campaigns built by us


Easy website integration

DIY Platform


Get professional 3D model


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Realistic WebAR -  Integration Everywhere

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