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Our Philosophy

Have you ever imagined, after watching a great movie or reading an epic novel,

that you could be a part of that exciting adventure, a fantasy that might become a reality?

You walk into a world of magical experiences unfolding before you, in your living room,

where you are the hero of your own story.

At some point or another, I'm sure everyone has thought this.

We are bringing that dream into reality with Web Augmented Reality.

We hope that we can awaken the child inside you who can cherish the fun moments with an unparallel experience.

In the world of two dimensional flat digital screens and prints, we are focused to bring the 3D AR holograms.

You don't need to download an app for that ever.

Our Goal

At Marvin XR, we believe that Augmented Reality is for everyone.


Currently such experience is limited to very few people of selective age group, mostly because the entry barrier.


Most often it takes expensive AR headsets or high end smartphone with bigger apps to experience AR.

But with our breaktrhough technology, we are bringing AR for people who are using older smartphones, low data usage requirement where WebAR can be played with lower network bandwidth.

Augmented Reality from phone's browser - no app download needed
Let the world use AR for a better online shopping experience

Our Vision

We are making the entry barrier low for AR so low that a seven years child or a person in seveties can enjoy the experience with almost zero learning.

We want everyone, from developed to developing countries, join the new generation of 3D experience and accelerate our social journey together.

We’re breaking barriers between the digital and physical, bridging the world of iOS &  Android.

Our vision is to connect people, create impact and be the market leader by democratizing AR.

Our Team

Ajanta Das Roy

Ajanta Das Roy

Co-Founder & CEO

Swapratim Roy

Swapratim Roy


Søren Krogsager

Søren Krogsager

VP of Global Sales & Business

Scott Shelton

Scott Shelton

Sales Head, US

Dawar Sardar

Sardar Dawar

Head of Development

Sebastiano Fatutto

Sebastiano Fatutto

3D Artist

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