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5 Incredible Tools to work with WebAR

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

In order to run a high-growth business, you'll eventually need to invest in some software. Since web based AR can be created fairly quickly, supplying them in mass volume can increase your business revenue up to 10x within very less time. Especially in the area of retail and ecommerce, many items can be shown in 3D WebAR, increasing the number of SKUs.

Choosing the right set of tools can make your life easy to run high volume business. Finding the best tools to do exactly what you need can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. Here are 5 of our favorite tools that our team finds absolutely useful to use on a daily basis. They can help you to reduce effort and increase productivity for online business. 1. Do magic with 3D models: Blender Blender is one of the best 3D modelling software across internet hands down. The amount of features it provides for 3D artists is just mindblowing. You can consider it as the Adobe photoshop in 3D world.

There are thousands of tutorials available to create professional looking 3D models using Blender. Several add-ons to customize static or animated models often make life easier. Being a master in Blender can definitely take some time but once you reach there, you can enjoy the smooth experience while creating a new 3D experience for your customer. We'd absolutely recommend it for you. Price: $0/month

Blender is a great tool for creating professional 3D models
Create 3D models using Blender

2. Buy and Edit 3D models within minutes: Sketchfab To be very frank, the cost of building a 3D model everytime you need it, is quite high. For example, if you are working on to create several models of shoes, it is not wise to start everytime from scratch. If such 3D models are not absolutely customized, it is a better solution to buy readymade models from open marketplaces. This they'd be cheaper. Whenever you need a generic 3D model, you can go to Sketchfab - apparently this 3D marketplace has more than three million 3D models. You can buy lots of high quality 3D models with quite cheap price. Even you can customize them later using Blender. Bonus: Sketchfab also provides a great way to resize 3D model for your WebAR. Price $0/month (purchase of 3D model separate)

Sketchfab marketplace is a great source of 3D models
3D editor in Sketchfab is quite helpful to resize 3D for AR experience

3. Cloud Hosting Editor: Glitch Most WebAR applications, especially if written in Three.js/Aframe/AR.js has a limitation. They need to be run with SSL verification (HTTPS) - in order to work properly. This means you simply cannot run them in your local development server. You need to arrange for Ngrok or simiar tunneling software which is a hassle by itself if you're not familiar much with them. Instead, you can quickly create a HTTPS enable application in Glitch and host it in the cloud. We love this platform for doing sandbox experimentation. The WebAR HTML code can be easily edited here for a quick result. Only downside: it is not ready for production usage in case you sell WebAR to customers. Price: $8/month

Create web apps in different languages easily using Glitch
Glitch is a suer useful platform to create development sandboxes

4. Best HTML/Text editor for multipurpose: Submlime Text Although WebAR takes only few lines of HTML code, but keeping track of tags closure and errors is often a headache. The AR campaign can throw error - a waste of time. You can easily avoid such headache using Sublime Text. Sublime Text is a wonderful text/code editor. We recommend you to use it as a HTML code editor. You can use it to store notes and information too. Quick comparison between huge notes to identify a single word difference is a few seconds job. Once you'll start using it - you may not be able to stop using it soon. Price: $99

It is very easy to manage and edit several types of texts
Be it text or code editing, Sublime Text is quite user friendly

5. Mass production of WebAR apps: Marvin XR Creating WebAR apps in mass scale needs a systematic appraoch. For mass delivery, we recommed to create all WebAR experience at once - without struggling so much. Marvin XR is our favorite tool of choice to create even 20-30 WebAR campaigns within an hour (Remember: building a single AR native app can even take between 8-20 weeks). It'll give you the freedom to store them all in one place, open to production with SSL verification (HTTPS), auto-generated QR code for distribution and many other features included. You can even get an overall overview of the performance of all of the WebAR campaigns. Such insights are not related to Google Analytics which means you don't need to bother about further integration too. We'd strongly recommend you to use it too. Price: Starting from $0/month

The platform provides easy means to build AR campaigns by creators
Marvin XR - best platform for mass production of WebAR campaigns


If you're a one person business or part of a team who are building WebAR experience for clients in volume, these 5 tools can definitely add some serious pace to your delivery and quality of work. Since the beauty of WebAR lies in its simplicity - meaning even you can start creating a WebAR with 10 lines of code, the speed and quality is crucial when you need to deliver 3D AR campaigns in hundreds of units.

Marvin XR is bringing the best experience for creators and businesses to launch WebAR campaigns in volume. Our AR platform offers one of the fastest WebAR campaign creation engine to do mass production of AR campaigns. If you need any help to explore more, please feel free to contact us at


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