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5 Ways Web Augmented Reality Drives B2B Sales

Updated: May 16

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

Here's 5 ways on how Web Augmented Reality drives B2B sales that you shouldn't miss.
Web Augmented Reality drives B2B sales

More than half of the B2B buyers use the buying experience to determine their purchasing decisions. The better the experience, the more likely they’re going to convert and stick around for future purchases. B2B business, especially in retail and ecommerce, can gain significant privilege using WebAR while you can use this to grow your AR business.

Here's 5 ways on how Web Augmented Reality drives B2B sales that you shouldn't miss.
1. AR Increases Buyer's Confidence
If there’s one thing that kills the customer buying experience, it’s when the customer gets something they’re not expecting. They’re looking towards your business to give them exactly what’s advertised—and nothing less. Your sales material may seem completely spot-on, but it might not fully capture the picture you think it does.This is a most common issue for B2B brads. WebAR can deliver the same quality product experience each time to turn new customers into loyal ones.
2. AR Enhances Product Experience
In many cases, B2B sellers deal with specialized equipment, which is frequently large and heavy. It does not need a high IQ to realize that it's a greater challenge for a B2B brand to upsell and cross-sell products you can’t physically bring along to a sales pitch. Imagine selling an office printer or some heavy industrial machinary which you need to show in great details to the new B2B distributor before they sign up for the partnership. Who can save you from the pain - of course AR.
3. AR can make a B2B business the star of an exhibition
A major area where B2B brands want to showcase their portfolio often is the tradeshow. But it’s difficult to stand out against a whole crowd of competitors in trade shows and exhibitions. Especially if these tradeshows are big enough and your brand is not big enough like GE or Ford Motors - you get a less chance to rise and shine above all. Advertising an AR experience helps to lure people into the booth. This extra edge of product showcasing simply spreads by word of mouth. AR ends up giving the consumer deep insights while they’re there. 4. AR speeds up the sales cycle
According to Adobe, 38% of B2B buyers claimed AR would speed up their buying cycle, and it’s not hard to see why. AR can eliminate the need for buyers to comb through numerous pages of product demos by clearly visualizing benefits and key features on a single screen. It can allow them to virtually interact with those features and see how they work in real time. AR can make confident decisions quickly, increasing the likelihood of higher sales.
5. AR can help buyers analyze data and gain insights
Business owners aren’t in the game of taking risks with their cash. They want something with proven results that they know will work. Unfortunately, data is often hard for the average person to visualize.
AR can be used to help this process by conveying the value of your offer in an interactive 3D visualization.
Create wow experience with WebAR experience
How Web Augmented Reality works in Ecommerce

B2B Business Can Grow Significantly with AR B2B businesses take longer time to onboard new partner or distributor. The reason is simple - with each new partner, it unlocks a new segment of a market which eventually increases the sales and business growth. It's important to accelerate the partner onboarding process to scale business towards a better and sustainable growth. From that perspective, there's no alternative which can stand against AR experience.

Why Web Augmented Reality - The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Building an AR app is a costly affair. Let's not forget the long period of time of design and development, then curate separate apps for iOS and Android to increase the budget eventually. The cost can start from $10-$80k and can easily shoot up with more complexity to $250k-$800k (stats from 2023 - source ). Modify, maintenance and upgrade can add more budget on top of this. Overall this may not be feasible for many SMBs (another post will describe the challenges in details).

That's where Marvin XR is bringing a change of wind. An innovative AR solution that does not need any apps. Anyone can run AR experience from any standard browser, from iOS and Android. The low cost, creative scalable solution provides the following benefits:

  • High quality 3D model finishing within days

  • Rapid AR prototyping and integration within minutes

  • Use WebAR campaigns in digital & print marketing

  • Dedicated support to grow our customers

WebAR is the future in the ecommerce and Marvin XR holds a vision to lead the transformation of the industry while helping business to grow and scale rapidly.


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