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6 Secrets to Make Your Web Augmented Reality Campaign Viral

Updated: May 14

Marketers can enable sales with WebAR
Marvin XR platform is an enabler of business

Last updated on May 14th, 2024

Accelerated business growth, out of the box creativity in customer experience with massive engagement and conversion in sales funnel and outperform the competitors – adopting Web AR can do lot more to elevate the brand experience in very less time.

But like any technology campaign, Web AR also needs strategy in order to get massive successful campaigns. If you are a beginner or pro in WEB AR based marketing - these 6 steps will help you to become better marketer or business owner with extraordinary marketing capabilities.

1. Planning and Creative

Always begin with a well-rounded plan that clearly states your target audience, campaign goals and creative vision. This will help inform your decisions later on. The better the planning, the better is the chance to launch successful AR campaigns. Creativity should align with the brand statement. 2. Platform Selection

There are industry-leading platforms for building Web AR experiences. These are software packages that make developers’ lives easier by giving them access to the base technologies needed to build amazing Web AR experiences. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, but leveraging one of these platforms will save you valuable time and money compared to developing your experiences from scratch. 3. Asset Creation

Now it’s time to start building your 3D digital assets. A good Web AR experience is all about balancing your creative vision with available bandwidth speeds. Highly detailed models or super complex animations can cause web-based experiences to run slowly. For an optimal experience, focus on creating low-poly art assets and engaging yet simple animations. 4. Assembly

With your plan in hand, platform selected and assets ready to go, you can begin developing your new Web AR experience. This work will be done through the platform you selected above. Like most digital development, this process is fairly technical and best handled by a developer or team of developers with experience building in the platform. 5. Testing

Testing is an important step when building any digital experience — but especially with WEB AR, as there are so many variables to consider. We recommend testing across all major mobile platforms and web browsers. If possible, we also suggest trying the experience on different network connections (Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, etc.) 6. Distribution

You can host it in cloud. You can also export the final experience and host it on your own servers. Either way, you can now share your new Web AR experience by simply sharing the host URL via QR or any other means.

If you are looking for adopting Web AR for your business, you can start with Marvin XR cloud pltaform where you can create your first Web AR app under a minute while enjoying its no-code platform benefits. User insights will help you drive your campaigns to gain better brand awareness while bringing your creativity live.


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