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8 Reasons Why Web AR Can Be a Game Changer in Business

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

  1. Wide Device Support: Being web based, 3D Web AR experience can be brought in almost any device browser. It can run in any device e.g., mobile, tablet or even desktop. Web AR potentially supports 2.9 billion devices globally. Another advantage of this tech is its low network bandwidth requirement. Thus innovative marketing campaigns can reach people living in lowe network bandwidth area. For quite a large part of the world, common people do not have access to high network bandwidth. Brands can easily reach this huge consumer segment easily without investing any further.

  2. No Apps, No Headset: No need to download an app to compromise with limited phone storage to play AR. No need of expensive gadgets like Hololens/AR glass too. Thus, the audience entry barrier to experience Web AR is virtually the minimum still so far. Recent trend study shows that people do not want to download too many apps in their mobile. They limit their app usage and want to complete their daily tasks and entertainment using them only. This is another reason why people delete newly downloaded apps within a span of 10 days of inactivity. They rather prefer web application now a days. Businesses should be careful before investing too much on creating AR apps for brand awareness & marketing. Web AR can leverage both the budget and future mobile usage pattern to bring the next gen marketing and product experience to users.

  3. 3D Interactivity: User can interact, resize, place the 3D in their real environment, view audio-visual experiences associated with Web AR - creating 4X time more user engagement than any traditional digital or print campaign. Even Web AR applications can play static or animated 3D models, images, audio, video and interactive buttons to guide users towards online purchase and many more.

  4. Browser, Device & OS Agnostic: One of the big reasons why Web AR is getting quick popularity worldwide. Anyone can play it from any device. Even certain types of Web AR technology supports mobile devices, even older than 2 years or more. Most Web AR technologies support all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Samsung browsers and many more. Any modern browser will most likely to support Web AR experience.

  5. Connect Print & Digital World: QR code is a real virtue in popularizing Web AR. Scan QR and engage users with AR - coming from both digital and print campaigns. For the first time in last 200 years, any print ad campaign can be tracked (e.g., user engagement analytics) to measure their level of success (banner, billboard, magazine, label etc.). Web AR has opened a whole new portal of product experience. Ever decreasing hardcover magazines can track their ad engagement. Companies can view real time data about which billboard, a major source of brand awareness, is creating major AR engagement. All of these can be tracked when users scan QR code to scan the advertisements and open 3D AR experience on the spot.

  6. Performance Driven Productivity see: Web AR is extremely compatible with most of the familiar network bandwidths including Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G etc. (of course the it also depends on the 3D model/animation size too). Thus, users sitting in remote areas can enjoy it too without glitch. The onset of 5G network is expected to add significant growth to Web AR. Compared to traditional AR apps, Web AR applications are much more lightweight. Users can save hundreds of MB or even GB of data while not downloading AR Androidn/iOS apps from app-stores. At the same time, instant AR experience via Web AR usage can save them not only data usage but also faster display of 3D AR experience.

  7. Development Budget Traditional AR app development includes cost for iOS & Android app development & maintenance. While, development of Web AR is extremely easy (you can create a WEB AR with even 10 lines of code), no dependency to publish it on App Store / Google Play Store and can host anywhere. The development cost comes with a fraction of what companies are spending now to get an AR native app.

  8. Business Analytics: Most Web AR SaaS platforms come with many analytics for business insights like user engagement rate, dwelling time, page views per user, location of users, engagement time, device details, spatial 3D analytics and many more. This opens up a whole new horizon for marketers and advertisers to target leads and customers. Businesses can take better decisions based on real time data and Web AR is helping quite a lot in that field.

If you are looking for adopting Web AR for your business, you can start with Marvin XR cloud pltaform where you can create your first Web AR app under a minute while enjoying its no-code platform benefits. User insights will help you drive your campaigns to gain better brand awareness while bringing your creativity live.


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