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AR in E-Commerce - The New Gold Rush


Why brands are all all-in on WebAR? Because WebAR is changing marketing.

Cases that turned any previous user engagement records upside down. When used strategically, WebAR can drive business growth manyfolds very quickly.

Let's dive into some amazing WebAR adoption strategies which are no less than some exciting success stories. Find the best suitable business domain to adopt AR fast.

5 WebAR Success Stories You Don't Want to Miss

Massive Reach Brazilian Bank Bradesco ran a TV spot for their WebAR experience during the semi-finale of

The Voice Brasil. Within the first 5 minutes, 250,000 users had simultaneously experience the WebAR activation.


Saatchi Art launched a "View in my Room" feature that lets you view over 1.4 MILLION works of art in your home before purchasing - world's largest WebAR deployment.

Significant Dwell Time

Sony Picture's Jumanji: The Next Level WebAR promotion resulted in consumers

spending over 5 minutes in AR.

High Engagement

Sberbank of Russia's WebAR promotion resulted in over 1 MILLION user sessions, with 94% users sharing AR content with a friend.


New York fashion brand KHAITE's WebAR campaign led to a 400% increase in sales and increase customer engagement time by over 4 minutes.

All the above 5 WebAR related impacts can perfectly fit with ecommerce adoption. Unfortunately online retail and ecommerce experiences are same in 2023 as they were back in 2003. Whereas in 2022, retail e-commerce sales were estimated to exceed 5.7 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide (Statista).

Top 10 E-Comm Marketplaces to Use WebAR in 2023

Shopify is offering their own native WebAR shop experience for sellers. But you can sell retail products equipped with WebAR in the below 10 ecommerce marketplaces:

1. Amazon - The largest online marketplace, available over 14 countries with a revenue of over $386B in 2020.

2. eBay - One of the oldest and most well-known online marketplaces, with over 185 million active buyers and a revenue of over $10.3B in 2020.

3. Walmart Marketplace - With over 120 million monthly visitors, one of the largest marketplaces in the US.

4. Etsy - A popular online marketplace with over 4.4 million active sellers and a revenue of over $1.7B in 2020.

5. Alibaba - Leading Chinese online marketplace, with over 10 million active buyers in 2020.

6. BigCommerce - Cloud-based e-comm platform, similar to Shopify, with over 60,000 online stores.

7. WooCommerce - WordPress plugin that enables businesses to create online stores, with over 4 million active installations.

8. Magento - Open-source e-comm platform, with over 250,000 active online stores and a large community of developers and users.

9. PrestaShop - Free and open-source e-comm platform, with over 300,000 active online stores.

10. Volusion - E-comm platform that offers website design, hosting, and marketing services, with over 30,000 online stores.

Marvin XR has now introduced the easy AR intergration with BigCommerce platform. If you are running an online retail store in BigCommerce, this is your AHA moment to beat your competitors, .increase user engagement and conversion simultanously with less return rate.


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