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Share AR on Social Media

Social media has changed our lives forever, particularly the way we communicate and interact as a society. As augmented reality gradually reshapes social networks, we are getting more comfortable using social media amidst most of the time of the day.

Augmented reality (AR) is becoming more common in social media. After Snapchat pioneered it, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok have launched their own lenses, filters and effects. In the process, AR is showing its value not only for branding and entertainment, but also for commerce.

With more than 3.78 billion online users, different social media platforms are currently acting as some of the most powerful tools that a company can use to promote its products, engage with customers, and improve its presence in a competing market.

There are several reasons why social media marketing has become an essential marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored by any business regardless of the industry or niche. AR incorporated into different social marketing platforms to allow you to make the best of your marketing strategy.

Here is how WebAR can be used in used in social media:

  • Social media can benefit from WebAR in improving the promotion and advertising efforts. This can be used to create branded marketing experience that people love to play with. At the same time, they will create brand awareness, so your potential clients will always be connected to your brand and what it offers.

  • Using AR, people can actually try the products and services before paying for them. Not only will this decrease buyer’s remorse that results in returns and exchanges, but it will also increase sales as people might even try products and services that they weren’t interested in in the first place. This is called impulsive buying, which is quite common among younger clients.

  • WebAR allows brands to stay in touch with clients by keeping up with social media trends. These experiences can be incorporated into various marketing campaigns using viral social media content, so clients can always feel that their brands are keeping up with what interests them.

  • Because AR blurs the lines between imagination and reality, clients will be enjoying an immersive experience. People will be able to see how a product or service can actually solve a problem they’re facing using a mixed-reality solution that shows them the true potential of what they’re paying for.

  • Social media is all about engagement and interaction, and WebAR in social media will boost your clients’ engagement because they can experience a virtual version of what you’re offering. As a result, they will be sharing your products and services with more people who will eventually turn into paying clients.

Want to improve your brand AR social media presence?

Marvin XR is presenting the Share on Social Media feature. You can share your favorite AR campaign over any social media - just with a click. This will make it very easy for digital advertisers and marketers to create and share brand experiences with their users almost immediately. Managing many social media brand presence while announcing subscribers about a new product experience or marketing campaigns in AR will be much easier.

Share WebAR campaigns over Social Media:

- Twitter

- Facebook

- LinkedIn

- Reddit

- Whatsapp

- Telegram

- Pinterest

How to use it?

Very simple! After you have successfully created the WebAR campaign, click on the Open button on the WebAR campaign card, from dashboard.

Find the Settings menu in the left and click on it.

There you can find the Share on Social Media section.

Click on your favorite marketing channel to share the AR campaign immediately.

Have you tried the most easy WebAR creation platform yet? Sign up now.

Contact us today to start creating amazing web based AR campaigns for brand awareness which do not need any apps to donwload to play. The browser based AR experience is perfect for new generation audience. Play AR without any download baggage - a perfect way to reach out mass audience to spread your brand niche market.


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