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Web Augmented Reality -Next Generation Customer Experience

Updated: May 14

Web Augmented Reality using smartphone
WebAR experience can change buying experience forever

This post was last updated May 14th, 2024

Augmented reality (AR) has already become a buzzword in the world of technology. It’s difficult to find someone who’s never heard of Pokémon GO, a bestselling AR mobile game played by millions of people all over the world.

However, AR isn’t just about games. It goes far beyond gaming and entertainment. AR has breathtaking prospects in many industries, from education to healthcare to construction. Now AR has come to marketing and advertising, and it’s going to change the way the digital advertising market functions in 2021.

As AR became increasingly more availablefor individual use, small and medium businesses now, too, can afford the adoption of the technology. For corporations, the use of AR at this point has become almost an essential competitive point. After all, products like TikTok and Instagram showed us that adding interactive AR elements to their products, only in a mobile version. What about web products?

The market is getting opened for WebAR
Statista overview indicates a bigger market opportunity

Source: Statista

What is Web Augmented Reality?

WebAR is short for Web-based Augmented Reality, which is an Augmented Reality experience held within a webpage. This means all consumers have to do is navigate to the webpage URL to view an Augmented Reality experience through any iOS or Android smartphone camera. No app downloads are required. Completely app-less Augmented Reality experiences.

5 Reasons to Adopt WebAR

  • #1: Emotional Connection Augmented reality ads are immersive, which means they help marketers create a certain emotional connection with customers. Unlike images or banners, for example, AR ads are interactive and lifelike: consumers can see and even interact with them.

  • #2: Money Saving Advertising Though digital ads are extremely popular, traditional print ads are still far from obsolete. There are many print magazines with catchy images advertising a whole spectrum of goods and services. However, placing ads in popular print magazines can be rather expensive. Augmented reality advertising is usually more affordable and far more immersive than print advertising. There are two major types of augmented reality: marker-based and location-based. AR ads can be built with the help of either of them. - Marker-based AR ads require a marker (i.e. a target image) that customers scan with their smartphone cameras to bring virtual content to life. - Markerless AR ads are even more interactive. User can scan a QR code and locate the virtual content immediately to their natural location. No dependency on markers.

  • #3: Boosting Sales Augmented reality ads aren’t the only way of promoting products or services. AR offers other ways for marketers and advertisers to increase sales volumes: virtual try-ons. No need to download and install another app. User can simply scan a QR code or type an URL in the mobile browser and experience the mesmerizing augmented experience. This is a proven fact that using AR increases the conversion rate up to 40%.

  • #4: Reach out Anywhere As soon as users got a link to your WebAR, they can already interact with it, possibly even register on the service. This means users can engage in AR experience from scanning a QR from magazine or billboard. It could be a Facebook ad which could lead a user to click a link and open WebAR. Since this type of AR is web based, it can be opened any kind of browsers, leading to reach your marketing advertisement towards a huge segment of users ranging widely in age group. The no-learning curve also plays a great benefit here.

  • #5: Revoutionize Traditional Retail Experience In a post Covid era, people will still prefer to shop online more than visiting the brick and morter store. WebAR will provide a great help for the customers to virtually try out products at home and make a decision faster about buying things. The traditional buying life cycle can be shortened up with such immersive virtual experience at fingertip.

augmented reality is the future
Some powerful stats while using WebAR

Web Augmented Reality is the most effective product marketing strategy for 2021. Not only that, but it’s also one of the most accessible and easy to promote sales.

Use cases for WebAR applications

To understand how to apply AR in web platforms, let’s take a look at the most common use examples and real-life cases. We have made a series of use cases for products and services who will get benefit using WebAR.

Great tool to boost sales
AR can enhance customer buying satisfaction

Wrapping up

Augmented reality in web development becomes a new norm. Businesses understand the advantages that WebAR platforms have over native apps and switch to such services. If you are considering implementing AR interaction experience for your business, building a web platform is definitely a good place to start. Marvin XR can definitely help you to prepare and transform your business for the next decade with our innovative WebAR platform.

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