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5 Key Tips While Adopting Web AR in Your Marketing Strategy

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The success of Pokemon Go had many brands want to jump on to the AR bandwagon hoping to make something that goes viral. But that, in most cases, is a recipe for disaster. If you are mounting you first AR marketing campaign, below are a few tips you should keep in mind to make it a success.

  1. Keep it Simple: Do not try to build another Pokemon Go that does a lot of different things. Let the AR experience be very focused on a single message, and execute it in a way that it wows the audience. Build a 3D experience that resonates around your brand values or product experience. This will help your audience connect to the brand message in an easy and fast way.

  2. Make it Useful: AR experiences are fun. But it is not enough for them to be just fun. You need to make it useful for your users as well. If it comes across as gimmicky, you will use their trust. If it is just fun - it will get old. As Harvard Business Review spelled it out in a recent article: The real mission for commercial AR is integrating the technology so that it enhances the customer experience — makes it easier, more fun, and more convenient. It is always recommended to add additional components like link to website or add buttons to direct users towards shopping cart to make the customer journey exciting and easier. Call to action should play a vital role to direct your audience to take action after the 'wow' experience takes place.

  3. Keep the Brand Image Consistent: This is not something unique for AR campaigns, but marketers sometimes forget this ground rule. All your marketing campaigns must stay true to who you are as a brand. The brand image and persona should be consistent across all activities you do to promote yourself. Do not get caught up in what AR can do at the cost of the brand image.

  4. Remember the Context: In 2011, RedBull ran a campaign in the subways. It relied on scanning a QR code to engage with the brand. It was a huge failure. Reason? They forgot the limitations of the location the campaign was being run at. Subways have poor connectivity, and this translated into poor experience for users who scanned the code. Bring your creativity on the plate while planning fo your next AR campaign but always align this with your target customer niche - their behavioral pattern, location or attention span can play a pivotal role to make your campaign a success.

  5. Give Proper Instructions: When a user experiences AR for the first time - the delight is visible on their faces. But they are not going to navigate their way to this delight by themselves, especially if they are not digital natives and do not find the interaction intuitive. Therefore, you have to make sure to include clear instructions on how they can have the best experience when interacting with you. An instruction should be as simple as possible to make sure audience from 8 to 80 - anyone can play around with the AR experience. Remember that AR has higher impact factor that television itself. But without a great (and simple) guidelines, it can play fowl against your brand image.

Taking the first step is always crucial but it is also critically important to align your business against the global competition. Many big brands and SMBs have started their Web AR campaigns already and you might not be want to be the last in the race. Marvin XR can always help you with its no-code cloud based WebAR platform to begin your AR experimentation for free while you can see the bigger impact with your new AR campaigns around. Feel free to contact for more consultancy on this.


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