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Image based Web Augmented Reality

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Finally the great news arrives here. Now you can impress thousands of audiences with jawdropping image targeting AR experiences and make greater impact with your creativity. Because we've released a new type of augmented reality - "Image Based Web AR".

How Does Image based WebAR Works?

Imagine that if you have gone to a supermarket. Suddenly a product on the shelf caught your eyes. You scan the QR code on the side and a web link opens automatically in your mobile browser and it turns on the camera. Now as you focus it to the product package - a beautiful augmented reality story appears saying more about the product. Wouldn't that be cool? If you're using such product experience, your customers will soon fall in love your with your brand and sales can skyrocket so easily.

Now imagine you have gone to a book store and looking at a book but not sure how the content would be. But it has an AR story telling feature. So you open up your mobile and focus its WebAR site to the book. Wow! The trailor of the story has come alive. It's like watching a movie trailor before watching the full movie. We're sure that now you won't regret buying that book.

Where Can I Use Such WebAR?

Image based WebAR can work with print based advertisements like magazine cover, ads, billboard, banners, flyers, gift. With higher engagement, the conversion rate is extremely high, when such WebAR experience is used for ads & marketing.

Another noteworthy usage of it is to create innovative AR based business cards. Now your business cards are no less than sci-fi movie experiences.

Online art dealers and museums can bring great creativity for their audience using this type of WebAR to open the world of imaginations for their audience.

How to Create Image based WebAR Campaign?

It's super easy to create image based AR campaigns. As always, simplicity remains in the heart of Marvin XR, to make your AR journey more exciting. The Web AR is also compatible with almost all types of mobiles (Android & iOS, new and old) to help you reach bigger audience with jawdropping experience.


Now your audience can experience the AR, connecting with real world images - whether it is a painting or portrait, book or product image, ads or marketing materials, printed or digital artwork and what not - imagination is your limit!

With Marvin XR, you can use

  • Static or Animated 3D mdoel

  • Play video in AR (add your custom videos)

  • Image gallery with multiple image sliders to host your custom images

  • Custom interactive buttons to guide your users directly to website/ecommerce sites and many more

Start play around with Image based WebAR today. Sign up here to use the FREE account.


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