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Marvin XR brings Real Time Eye Tracking AR

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

We know you were waiting for this! We were waiting eagerly too.

Marvin XR has just released the Eye Tracking AR 🎉🚀🙏🥁

Now it is possible to create eye tracking WebAR experience within minutes.

This new release comes with a tons of features packed along with.

We have used AI for stable eye tracking which will increase user satisfaction.

Let's have a quick round table to see what's new with this major release:

All Device Compatible The new Eye Tracking AR can be viewed from anywhere - any device with a camera and internet connection will work. It is so easy and lightweight that it works with even less bandwidth network connection. This means your audience does not need a WiFi or 4G always to do virtual try-on of glasses. They can try them out virtually from anywhere.

All device compatibility means your customers can try out a virtual eyeware from their smartphone (both Android and iOS), tablet, laptop or even desktop with a camera. This will simply increase the chance of trying virtual try-on many folds.

Without downloading any apps or uploading user video each time (a traditional practice for eyewear industry to auto-edit such video with eye glasses to show customer on digital platform) - your customers can simply forget about such pain staking virtual try-on experiences.

Just click on a link or scan a QR, open a link from browser, allow access to camera and bingo - the new generation virtual try-on of eyewear is there.

No Code 3D Configurator - Resize virtual glasses easily

The whole new No-Code 3D Configurator is here to help your AR journey. Resize the virtual eyewear size, position and scaling from the configurator and test online even from your workstation.

Be it a normal glass or stylish sunglasses - make it fit between the eyes with the UI based 3d configurator so that it brings absolute best experience when you publish it and your customers start using it from website, social media, print media, billboards or anywhere.

The best part of the configuration is that the 3D eyewear will resize itself to users' face-size. The same sunglass, fitting perfectly to an adult face, will resize automatically while a child shows up on the screen. A great value of using such Eye Tracking WebAR campaigns to promote your product.

GLTF as 3D Asset

For the first time, we are introducing GLTF compatibility for Eye Tracking AR.

This means you don't need to convert a GLTF into GLB everytime.

Buy your favorite eyeware 3D model from marketplaces like Sketchfab and download GLTF directly and import to Marvin XR platform.

You can simply upload a zip format GLTF asset while creating a new AR campaign. Change the eyewear anytime in the campaign and publish it immediately.


The brand new eye tracking WebAR is so easy to adopt for your online business!

So much fun for your customers to try them virtually before buying online!

Enjoy the next gen creativity with new Eye Tracking WebAR and grow your business.

Sign up to WebAR Campaign Manager to create your eye tracking WebAR campaign today.

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