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QR Code, WebAR and the Future of Marketing Strategies

Updated: May 16

Last updated on May 16th, 2024

AI generated QR code to attract users
Image credit: Future/nhciao on Reddit
This strategy can help a brand to grow its outreach fast to the audience and serve as a 24/7 sales person to increase conversion. In a post Covid world, this has experienced a significant growth in usage and the world is getting more used to it everyday. However, marketing departments are not using this enough to realize the potential completely.

QR Code - is it back again?

Remember QR codes? Yeah, those fellas. Square, fuzzy, sci-fi things. By just scanning one, you can be transported magically straight to a "link broken" page. It's just like living in the future.
But actually, that's no longer the case. A certain infamous pandemic has propelled these little squares right back into public consciousness. So, how have businesses and consumers alike been reacting to their reintroduction? And how has it helped keep industries afloat these last few years?
The global QR Code Labels Market size is projected to reach $1268.1 million by 2026, from $916.7 million in 2020. And it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

QR in Marketing

QR codes powered the world’s most controversial and lead-generating marketing campaigns. You got the Super Bowl ads, Marvel series, football jerseys, and even a QR code campaign made of over 400 drones.
Neil Patel, the famous entrepreneur, and marketer, mentioned that branded QR codes for marketing is a genius strategy these days. He highlighted that users could track offline marketing campaigns online through these unique codes.
QR code labels market value to grow by $2.1 billion from 2022 until 2027 (Future Marketing Insights).

Associate WebAR experience with QR

Print advertisement has the biggest usage of QR code when associated with AR campaigns. A newspaper or magazine ads can automcaltically gain more engagement via QR engagement.
Packaging industry can gain a major advantage using WebAR experience associated with QR code. Most packages today already come with QR code but mostly they describe the default website. A WebAR campaign showcasing product benefit would be more beneficial for brands to convince customers to buy without involving a sales person in stores.
Ecommerce industry can add QR on delivery packages including "how to use it" via AR experience. This will be immensely helpful for receiving customers to get the product know how in an immersive way. The applications are limitless. Simply use QR as a tool to engage more users with low entry barrier.
Since iOS13, QR scanning is in built in iPhone cameras. It's very easy to scan and launch immersive experience for customers.

How AI can brandify QR

Creating a branded QR is the key to attact customers' attention. Eye catchy QR codes, made with AI, for top notch marketing campaigns can bring a significant difference in results.
There are many QR generating websites out there. QRCode Monkey is a key example. AI built QR codes could be a new way to build eye-catchy brand appearance everywhere.
StableDiffusion is creating QR codes with AI while integrating HD images as background. HuggingFace is another example of AI generated QR.
With more AI coming into the picture, building QR would be more fun and it can serve as collectibles to the target audience.

Users love fun and gaming experience with a collectible QR
Brandify QR to Engage in audience to AR

How Brands can benefit from Stylized QR and WebAR? Brand can use eye-catchy QRs in both digital and print channels to maximize the outreach and bring more customers to their value proposition. Web based AR associated with such campaigns can enhance the product and service experience to many folds. This increases the likelihood of high user engagement and conversion because using 3D product experience increases the confidence of the customers.
Engaging and helping your customers will always be rewarding because when they grow, your company grows too. Marvin XR has an in-built engine to build customized QR engine to help brands create their favorite QR codes with preferred logo and color. While launching WebAR based campaigns, now it is quite easy to create stylized QRs to enhance its effects and bring positive impact to the results.


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