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The AR Generation: How to Engage Gen Z with AR

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Gen Z habit of shopping is online based

Gen Z – the generation that’s sent marketers into a frenzy with their unique behaviors and media consumption habits. This woke and aware cohort has a collective $4.4 Trillion globally, so it’s no wonder why brands are scrambling to figure out the best Gen Z trends to reach them. Gen Z consists of roughly 2.47 billion people around the world. With an estimated $143 billion in direct spending power, they are poised to become the largest generation of consumers.
As the most connected generation yet, Gen Z is often called “digital natives” due to their familiarity with technology from a young age. While it’s easy to think of Gen Z as one homogenous group, in reality, they’re a diverse crowd–and understanding what drives them is key for marketers trying to target this age group.
Knowing their media consumption habits can help you craft campaigns that give this demographic what they want. Let's see how web augmented reality can make a major accelerator to engage gen Z and bring a better conversion rate for business.
How Gen Z define their lifestyle?
Gen Z is a complex generation and has different motivations for media consumption. They are driven by values of authenticity, democracy, personalization, collaboration, convenience, and sustainability.
Snapchat found in a survey from 2022 that Gen Z has five core values:
  • Making money

  • Having fun

  • Accomplishing their goals

  • Caring for their health and well-being

  • Prioritizing their relationships

These values show that Gen Z wants a healthy work-life balance to ensure they have time for friends and family.
5 Gen Z Trends To Incorporate In 2023
1. Mobile First Content

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Mobile First Content

75% of Gen Zers considered mobile phones their device of choice. Gen Z media is mobile-first, and the generation is more likely to engage with content designed for mobile devices.
This is a great opportunity to include virtual try-ons for products in online customer journey. Gen Z, being a techsavvy generation, can easily find them useful and effective while shopping online via mobile friendly websites. This has shown better promise to scale ecommerce.
2. Social Shopping

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Social Shopping

Nearly three-quarters of Gen Z follow influencers on social media, and a majority say social media is where they most often learn about new products they’re interested in. Gen Z also considers YouTube influencers, such as PewDiePie and MrBeast, as popular as celebrities with influencers and trusts them more to make buying decisions.
WebAR has the best privilege of being distributed over a single URL. It's easy to share such experience over social media or google ads.
3. Driven By Values
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Value Driven Economy

50% of Gen Zers firmly believe brands should take a stance on social issues such as climate change, racial justice, and LGBTQ+ rights). Gen Z is also the most racially and ethnically diverse generation, with 43% identifying as non-white.
Creating AR campaigns which showcases the sustainable development goals (SDGs) for a brand can attract Gen Z to buy more from the brands.
4. Social Media Platforms as Search Engines
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For Gen Z, TikTok is a search engine

Gen Z is the world’s first truly native digital generation, so it’s no surprise that they’ve embraced social media platforms as search engines. Gen Z prefers visual learning over traditional text-based learning. Nearly 40% of young people ignore Google and instead turn to TikTok or Instagram. The visual nature of these platforms makes it easier to get answers and ideas quickly.
Running omnichannel marketing for retail or ecomm brands take lots of effort and time. With WebAR's - create once and use everywhere strategy helps business to reduce the content development cost in different channels while providing similar seamless 3D experience in all major social platforms.
5. User Generated Contents

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This is a time for internet influencers

Gone are the days when celebrities printed a scripted sentence for an advertisement. Today’s young consumers want to see their peers using the product and talking about it. 70% of Gen Z consider UGC when making purchase decisions.
This is a huge opportunity for ecomm brands. Imagine that people use virtual try-on for products while creating contents. This is an auto-influencing channel for the creators while highlighting the purchasing power for the consumers. Certainly this will bring the product marketing height to another level.

Final Words

3D product visualization and web based AR experience can play marvel in ecommerce world. With an average 20% increase in sales and conversions, this is one of the most effective tools for online sellers to grow business. Marvin XR provides easy and budget friendly WebAR solution so that ecommerce brands can quickly setup 3D ecomm shops online easily. This is the best customer experience you can build for gen Z. Contact us for a demo session.


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