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Video in WebAR - New Engagement Strategy


How to powerpack more information inside an immersive experiece to retain audience for even longer period of time that generates more confidence to buy?

3D is only one aspect of AR experience. But images and videos are still part of our daily digital habits which can create more attention and acceptance while used carefully inside an AR campaign. Let's see how you can leverage this to build a better business case with WebAR.

WebAR with Video and Benefits

3D visuals are great, especially in AR experience. But there are cases, where this could not be enough. For example, 3D animated visual can work great to demonstrate how to operate a washing machine. Few steps in WebAR animation can provide clear instrction to the buyer and solve his pain to skip reading an instructional booklet written in 5 different languages.

Imagine, a case where WebAR is launched to highlight various cuisine preparation. Displaying an entire recipe step by step in animation is not an easy job and perhaps if done, will make a heavier 3D model to be loaded everytime.

Use video display instead of 3D - user focuses their smartphone to the readymade food packaging label and a video shows up in AR - quickly demonstrating how to prepare the dish in a neat way. User would be more convinced to buy the food item.

Use Cases to build Brand Awareness

Video based WebAR campaigns work great for image targeting AR experience. A poster, painting, label, product image or banner could work as a source (target image) to display video on top - making them a great showcase anywhere - both in digital and print media.

The benefit of using such AR campaign is to get rid of the time and effort to build a 3D model. Simply uploading a video would be enough, resulting in a quicker turnaround for such campaign launching.

Few great cases to use such video based WebAR are:

  1. Business Card AR - show company portfolio instead of boring card exchange

  2. Service based Indusrties - show complex services instead of describing in details

  3. User Manuals - Product manuals could be more fun (customers will love it)

  4. Product Labels - A biodegradable coaster on the table can tell a story to visitors

  5. Public places - Museums, Art-galleries, zoo, tourist places can use them very well

  6. Political Campaign - A leader can present his/her agendas directly to public

The list can be exhaustive. But by now you get the point - right? Use your imagination to see where it can fit better and you can launch an amazing AR campaign with it.

Build Video based AR with Marvin XR

With the new feature released by Marvin XR, it is now absolutely simple to create an AR campaign with video overlay. How to create your first such campaign - read here.

Sign up here and start creating WebAR campaigns using your creativity.

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Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

Love this Video in WebAR feature Swapratim Roy @Marvin XR !❤️!

Cheers from Texas!

Molly X. @ProjectZada

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