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Create Product NFTs with Marvin XR

Enable your customers to purchase unique 3D NFTs right from your eCommerce site when you join the Marvin XR NFT Beta program.


Your metaverse journey starts today

Product NFT’s aren’t some distant notion. With the Marvin XR platform, your customers can configure, personalize and customize products to their specifications and purchase a virtual NFT along with the real one when they check out.

Why Offer Product NFTs?

Step 1

Get 3D configuration

Step 2

Develop parameters around your initial NFT offering

For a brand

Step 3

Enable NFT Transaction for mint values

Step 4

Setup WebAR marketing with NFT 3D configuration

NFTs are Taking Off




The trading volume for NFTs went up 700% between Q2 and Q3 of 2021.


Adidas' first NFT drop made over $23M in less than an hour.


NFT sales totaled $41 billion in 2021 - almost as much as the total art market

Think your brand is ready to explore NFTs?

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