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A Look Back at 2023 with Marvin XR

Celebrate the festive mood
Happy Holiday Season

In 2023, Marvin XR celebrated it's second anniversary while growing than the previous year in terms of features and values along with it. The vision of creating the most secure WebAR platform for ecommerce to help growing business while solving some of the decades old online business challenges is growing stronger than ever.

In this season of celebration, we pause to take stock of our accomplishments over the past twelve months, and we have so much to celebrate!

New Milestones Unlocked

Carbon Theme

In the beginning of 2023, Marvin XR platform was upgraded with Carbon based theme. The user frinedly UX design made it much easier for creators to work in the platform for longer. The 2x improved performance speed with the upgrade was additional bonus. This carbon theme design enabled Marvin XR to be the global first mobile compatible version of WebAR platform where creators could even work remotely from anywhere.

The sleek design for creators
Marvin XR Carbon Theme

Custom Domain Mapping

Whitelisting was a highly required feature for WebAR campaigns. Marvin launched this feature in 2023 to help the customers to showcase AR campaigns with as whitelabeled URLs. This is quite helpful for customers while showcasing AR campaigns getting launched in public places like tradefare shows etc. Whitelabeling is also helpful for resellers too.

Video Upload for Image Tracking AR

Playing video in WebAR for Image Tracking AR was a big step for Marvvin XR. Creators do not need to depend on 3D for AR display. Focusing on an image with WebAR can bring up video clips. This is truly effective for brand marketing and advertising while reducing the effort and cost for creating Image Tracking WebAR campaigns.

3D Product Configurator

Another big milestone for this year was to launch the 3D product Configurator for ecommere products. This is a game changer for ecommerce appliances like furniture, bigger electornic appliances, high priced SKUs being sold online. Display realistic products in 3D on websites while users can change colors and textures and then launch them in WebAR can cast a huge impact to the buying decision.

Online 3D Editor

WebAR creators and businesses need to adjust 3D models often times. But hiring 3D artists everytime for smaller changes can be a costly affair. Introducing Online 3D Editor which can make it way easier to edit 3D models with just few clicks. If needed, the same 3D models can be exported into several different 3D extensions for using them outside Marvin XR platforms too.

Google OAuth 2.0

Signing up to Marvin XR became more easy with Google OAuth 2.0 one click sign up process. This is a small but strong security approach for Marvin XR customers.

Shopify, BigCommerce, Wordpress & Several Integrations

WebAR campaigns are very easy to integrate to any standard ecommerce marketplace or standard or custom websites. Marvin's WebAR campaigns can be integrated to more than 20 ecommerce platforms (read here) and standard websites Wordpress, Wix or any custom websites (read here). The online help manual helps our customers to do the integration easily.

Custom QR Code

Create custom QR code with brand's own logo and color theme within the platform that will help customers to display QR anywhere.

Along with the new entries, many bugs and errors were fixed throughout the year to continuously improve the user experience.

A growing customer base

We’d love to tell you about how we are the easiest WebAR provider to use or the best provider on the market, but we don’t have to. You keep telling us. Our customer base has increased by 75% (150+) in 2023. Thank you to all of our amazing users and customers for your support!

Few highlighted customers out of many
Selective Customer Insight

2023 by the numbers

We are an WebAR company, so it is only fitting to take a look at the year that was from a data analytics perspective. Here are some interesting statistics for Marvin XR in 2023:

We're so proud of it
What Marvin XR delivered in 2023


We are not only providing WebAR as a service but ultra-realistic 3D models for our customers too. With ongrowing demand, this year we have established a partnership with RealitiQ XR to accelerate 3D modeling process for our customers.

Our new hybrid AI based 3D modeling system (unique 3D modeling process, jointly powered by AI & human - to create 3D mdoel from 4-6 images of any product), harnessed by the power of a bunch of professional 3D artists have made us capable of delivering hundreds of 3D models within a breif period of time with an unmatched pricing that you can find nowhere across the global market.

mARvinathon - Hackathon of WebAR

The first of its kind hackathon
mARvintahon of 2023

In 2023, we ran the first hackathon for Marvin XR. This is the first WebAR hackathon ever organized where you got a chance to participate, showcase your creativity and win prize. We are overwhelmed with so many responses coming from you - a big THANK YOU!

We got the very first winner of 2023 mARvinathon - Congratulations Virtual Earth Resident - an entrepreneur and the owner of

Keep an eye out on our Slack community forum for news about upcoming events.

Looking ahead with gratitude to 2024

"The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.” – Vince Lombardi

In 2024 and beyond, Marvin XR will continue to extend the features and expand the reach and capabilities of our unique WebAR platform, all to further our mission to democratise WebAR to everyone. In this holiday season, it seems fitting to take the wraps off a few other things we have in store for you in the coming year.

Just as our AR campaigns help drive your innovation, your feedback drives ours. The team at Marvin XR is continuously improving the quality and accuracy of our data, and we will continue to roll out exciting new capabilities in 2024.

We are constantly impressed and inspired by the accomplishments of those who leverage our data to do great things, and we owe our success to all of you. If you would like to reach out to us about any of our AR campaigns or services, give us a shout on Twitter, or you can use our contact form to send us a message.

All of us at Marvin XR wish all of you a happy and healthy holiday season, and best wishes for the new year!

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