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Geo-Location Web AR - now in Marvin XR

Have you ever played Pokemon Go? If yes, you know that it is a game based on geolocation AR experiences: when you reach a specific place in real life, the algorithm triggers the experience, making a certain Pokemon appear.

Location-based AR is a powerful sub-form of a markerless AR system. Therefore it doesn’t require any physical target or unique markers to execute the rendering of AR experience and identify where to put a virtual object in the user’s environment.

Location-based AR technology, in fact, uses GPS data and a digital compass to define the user’s device location and position.

Here's how you can build your geo-location web AR experience within 2 minutes

1. Create a New AR Campaign

Click on the "Create AR Campaign" button or the "+" section to get the AR build wizard.

2. Setup Your Camaign Name

Provide a name for your campaign which will be published to the world.

3. Add Display Banner as Text and Pin Location Coordinates via Google Map Drag

Provide a text that will be displayed when your audience reach to the geo-location.

Drag the Google Map and find your desired location. Once the place is dragged near to the red map-pin cursor, its lattitude and longitude values will be auto updated.

Once you are done with these two steps, click on the "Create AR Campaign" at the bottom.

4. AR Campaign is Ready

Now your Geo-Location AR campaign is ready and Live. Click on the "Open" button to open the camapign.

Click on "View Campaign" button inside to open your AR campaign URL in browser.

You can download the auto generated QR code or upload your own QR with logo and branding.

Your AR campaign is now published. Be proud to show it to the world.

Is it not so easy to build your own Pokemon Go version of AR experience under 2 minutes?

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