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How To Choose Furniture E-commerce WebAR Partner Based On Efficient Integration Policy

Virtual try-on is crucial for furniture business
WebAR integration with major ecommerce platforms

Operating a business is never a straight line: it's more like a high-speed race on an obstacle course with financial, logistical, and technological challenges. And operating during a pandemic has only increased the number of challenges merchants are facing. That’s why it’s more important than ever to streamline and simplify your online store wherever possible.
One way to do this is to make sure you’re using the best e-commerce software applications and that they work well together. You want to minimize the time you spend hooking up and troubleshooting third-party integrations with your e-commerce platform, so you can maximize your results and focus on more important things. This is where integrations become a key part of your e-commerce platform.

How to choose 3D Virtual Try-On Integration Strategy

To setup an e-commerce platform from scratch is not an easy task. It's a collection of exhaustive tasks with many factors to juggle while building and maintaining this for a long time. Something that cost is often higher than you imagine when finished. Luckily there are many framework based e-commerce platforms and marketplaces which help brands to setup quick ecomm stores.

Key aspects while integrating 3D to Ecomm sites

Expecting a 500% ROI on 3D visualisation investiment needs a methodical approach in customer awareness and marketing. Naturally you want to promote it as many places as possible to attract your potential customers to try out virtual-try on experience without spending time and effort for crafting message for different marketing channels everytime. Email marketing, SMS marketing, Social Media marketing, Landing pages, Google ads, printed ads, banner and in many more places - you can re-use original content to engage people. With your current 3D portfolio, can you do that today?

Easy 3D WebAR Plugins - Pros and Cons

Shopify is no doubt the top e-commerce web store provider (powering 4.5+ millions ecomm stores). Currently there are 226 such Ecomm platforms out there - powering 12+ million e-commerce stores. Some ecomm platforms offer in-built 3D WebAR module for business to adopt it. For example, Shopify provides its own 3D e-commerce features. But there are other 3rd party 3D providers too available in Shopify App Store. Shopify owners can buy the module services upfront and integrate with the ecomm stores.

Similarly other platforms are also offering such services too like: - BigCommerce Apps - WooCommerce Marketplace - PrestaShop Marketplace - WordPress Plugins - Wix App Market and many more.

Pros: Most of these PHP based 3D/AR modules are easy to integrate to webshops. Since they are controlled by the corresponding owner marketplace, you have preferably better support structure. For the beginners, this is a nice way to begin.
Cons: It's quite natural that with time, brands find other Ecomm marketplace more opportunistic in terms of business and migrate their ecomm store. Now they will lose the platform tied 3D facilities (and perhaps the 3D modelling investment too, based on provider's business policy). In a new Ecomm platform, they may need to build everything from scratch and that could be a nightmare. Once customers get used to the use of 3D experience, leaving them behind with a new platform migration will be like leaving money on the table. This can cause a major burden for a business.
Use them in websites, landing pages, SoMe or printed ads
WebAR - integrate anywhere

WebAR provider with generic integrations - can save millions

Specialists are everywhere but generalists often win the battle. Simply because generalist approach for a product integration can cause marvel when it comes to 3D/AR adoption for ecomm stores. WordPress as a website provider has become so successful because it took a generalist approach while building efficient websites. It is now powering more than 810 million websites across the world - amazing right?
If you choose a 3D/WebAR provider that has generic capabilities to get integrated to any platform, it can significantly reduce your long term pain to go with a 3D strategy for the ecomm store. Using web links and iFrame embedding, 3D/AR visualisation can be brought to almost anywhere.
Your focus can remain on business while the same 3D provider can offer the following integration approach to the following: - WordPress Integration - Shopify Integration

Next Step

A well thought strategy can push forward the growth of an ecomm business by many folds. Always think of a strategy in a long run and you'll find the true benefits out of that. 3D/AR adoption is no different and it can potentially save hundreds of hours of rework, pain and missing deadlines when a good vendor is chosen selectively. It can help you to expand customer experience with similar standards in more places which in turn increases trust, confidence and conversion growth (and product returns).

Marvin XR is bringing an end to end 3D/AR solution integration to all major E-commece companies to help them perform higher, convert better and build a profitable business in a long run with an easy integration policy that builds a trusted brand identity towards its customers.


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